Monday, May 19, 2008

J2 this November it is quite possible that you will have the opportunity to place your vote for an African American to become President of the United States of America. Something that your Father, Grandfather nor your Great Grandfather ever had a chance to do. An opportunity to vote for someone who the U.S. Constitution at one time said was only 3/5th of a man.

I, along with your mother have tried to raise you to believe in yourself, and to embrace with pride the fact that you are a strong Black man living in America ,the greatest country on earth.
But what does the potential of an Obama Presidency really mean to you?

Is it just another election? Or does it have greater meaning for you? Have we wasted out time teaching you about all those who came before you, and the struggles they faced? Were they only doing what they were supposed to do?Do you say I didn't ask them to do it.How do you really feel about it?


Updated: 12:32 pm, 5/20
J2 Response:

Let me start by saying, the prospect of Obama being the candidate in my first time participating in the electoral process is truly exciting. So to answer the first question, this is not just another election. It's my 1st election, it's an election where if either Hilary or Barack gets the nomination, it's something different than two old white guys (With the exception of Kennedy, he was pretty young). This election is the chance for the next generation to make their mark, because whatever happens here affects us 15-30. Hopefully this trend of atypical candidates becomes typical because the energy surrounding the election (democratic side at least) within youth was great to experience.

Now to the good stuff. What does the potential of an Obama presidency mean? It means many things. For one, all those people selling first black president are gonna go out of business ;-) But seriously, It shows that America, as a majority, can embrace the idea of a Black Man being a leader. Yes, Malcolm and Martin were leaders, but they led those who looked like them. Barack is in the position to lead blacks, whites, jews, muslims, christians, latinos, asians, etc. On the flip side of this, Barack cannot only cater to my needs as young black man. Barack has to try and appease everyone. Take for instance the Sean Bell incident. While all other Blacks were up in arms, Barack could not join in, he had to take the political high road and say we need to respect the way of the judicial system. Nonetheless, I respect him , because he made sure not to endager himself with a foolish comment. An Obama presidency is also part of the answer to the next couple questions asked.

The possible Obama presidency is the next step in the struggles faced by previous generations. It's true that I didn't ask for anyone to do anything, however works done in the present are all for the future. Whatever I do, no matter how miniscule is only setting up the future. No one asked me, but it needs to be done. So, to answer your, you have not wasted your time.

My only fear is in the failure. What happens if Barack does not win?
Readers...discuss/comment. Let us know what you think.

Peace, Love, Chicken Grease

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