Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time in the desert

J2 the other day when we were having bible study you mentioned that you were having a problem with religion.You pointed to the hypocrisy of the words and the actions of so called Christians in today's world.You also mentioned that this was a problem for many of your friends and especially young men.

At a time when many young men of your age are finding and exploring the boundaries of their new found freedoms and power, how difficult it its to submit to a message of submission that is preached from many pulpits today when all around you is saying do your own thing ,chart your own course for you and only you are responsible for what happens to you.

First, let me say that I too have been where are.when I was a young man in my twenties and away from home for the first time ,I had to learn to depend on myself. I struggled with the whole concept of God even though I grew up in the church as you did.

It seems to be almost a rite of passage that young men go through,and I am willing to stand with you as you go through your time to be forged in the wilderness.

As God sent Moses through the desert to be molded for the work to come he now sends you into your desert to be molded for the works he has planed for you.

j2 don't let the actions of others diminish the words of the Lord in your life,for you are right
when you say that you and only you will be held accountable for your actions in the sight of God.



The J2 Response:

Spirituality vs. Religion:

This is the true topic of debate within my soul from time to time. First of all, let me say that I am a believer in the Christ Jesus and his power, please make no mistake about this. However, as was stated, sometimes the church can deter one away.

Hypocrisy is an issue I feel exists in the church, always has, probably always will. Can we call Peter the first hypocrite. Yes/No? (Comment on that). He was the gung-ho disciple yet denied Christ. Is this the problem I have? No. Peter was looking out for himself, and had he done other wise and not denied Jesus, he would've made Jesus a liar, that ain't cool. My issue with church hypocrisy is the division that has come about especially within Christianity. We all believe in the same thing, yet there are so many sub-divisions. And even within those sub-divisions, people within the same pews can't even agree. It's really upsetting when trying to bring people to Jesus, and they can sit and point out the hypocrisies that turn them away. People act one way in church, another way outside, one way on Sunday, and another on Friday.

Am I saying I'm perfect? Not at all, yet due to some of these issues, as well as personal study and observation, I have come to the main issue of Spirituality vs. Religion. In my mind, religion is the organized practice of spirituality. Religion is the traditions and practices that go with what is believed. Spirituality on the other hand is one's personal walk. Because religion gives power through it's hierarchies, and power breeds corruption (sometimes), the possibility occurs that religion brings corruption. Someone in power can take advantage of those following them. Religion causes some people to put up a front, to fit the mold of what the religious traditions call for. At times it becomes unsettling.

So, what have I decided. First, I am in no way separating myself from the church. Even with it's periodic hypocrisies, without it, I could not strengthen my spirituality. My spirituality is based in the fact that Jesus died for me and that the Holy Spirit now resides in me. Holy Spirit = Spirituality. I now know what I need to do and my journey is my journey. I'm sure there are some holes in my description, but dad this is my answer. And readers, please comment and let us know your feelings.

But just like my facebook says: God and I know where each other at, like we got boost mobile.
So to sum it up, watch below. (God = Green, Me = Orange)


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